The Man on the Washing Machine

  • Publisher: Minotaur Books
  • Release Date: December 15, 2015
  • Genre: Mystery
  • Digital: 978-1250065803
  • Available Formats: eBook and Hardcover

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Former party girl and society photographer Theophania Bogart flees from London to San Francisco to escape a high-profile family tragedy. But sudden death shines a light on her hiding place and she learns she’s been providing cover for a sophisticated smuggling operation. Her apartment is burgled, she starts to fall for an untrustworthy stranger, and she’s knocked out, tied up and imprisoned. The police are sure she’s lying. The smugglers are sure she knows too much. Her friends? They aren’t sure what to believe.

Theo needs to find a killer before her new life is exposed as an elaborate fraud. But the more deeply entangled she becomes, the more her investigation is complicated by her best friend, who is one of her prime suspects; her young protégé, who may or may not have a juvie record; her stern and unyielding grandfather, who exposes an unexpected soft center; and the man on her washing machine, who isn’t quite what he appears, either.

Awards & Accolades:

Mystery Writers of America / Minotaur Books
First Crime Novel Award Winner

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“What a terrific debut! No wonder this is a winner. It has just what I enjoy most in a mystery – pace, punch and nonstop fun.” –Peter Lovesey, Crime Writers Association Lifetime Achievement Diamond Dagger Recipient, creator of Peter Diamond and Sgt. Cribb mysteries.

“An exciting new author. A fast-paced page turner. Susan Cox’s debut novel will delight mystery aficionados.” –Carolyn Hart, MWA Grand Master, creator of Death on Demand, Bailey Ruth Raeburn and Henrie O. mysteries.

“Intriguing characters. Snappy writing. A San Francisco setting to die for. Reading The Man on the Washing Machine is like having a spa day with the wittiest woman in town.” –Susan Dunlap, Anthony and Macavity Award winning creator of the Darcy Lott, and Jill Smith mysteries.

“The Man on the Washing Machine is perfect for anyone who loves a mystery with a twist of wry, an engaging, witty sleuth with a dark secret, an unusual setting and yes indeed, a man on the washing machine! I hope this exceptional debut is the first of many clever, murderous outings for the terrific Theo Bogart.” –Gillian Roberts, Anthony and Agatha Award winning creator of the Amanda Pepper mysteries

“I adored this book. Get your hands on it as fast as you can, and open the door to Susan Cox’s inimitable heroine, Theo Bogart. With an Englishwoman’s wit, and a San Franciscan’s grit, Theo plunges through more murderous turns and twists than San Francisco’s famed Lombard Street.” –Louise Ure, Shamus Award winning author of Forcing Amaryllis, The Fault Tree and Liars Anonymous

“The Man on the Washing Machine is a quirky, aromatic concoction of mystery, suspense, and humor. Theophania Bogart is a welcome addition to the cozy genre: A Brit with a mysterious past, intent on reinventing herself in San Francisco. Add a dash of romance, a dollop of humor, a gift for English understatement, and The Man on the Washing Machine makes for a heavenly-scented, fabulous read!” –Juliet Blackwell, author of the Witchcraft Mysteries and the Haunted Home Renevation series.

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