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Margaret Maron

“Susan Cox writes with deft assurance. An appealing cast of characters and an absorbing plot kept me turning the pages.”

Margaret Maron, MWA Grand Master,
Creator of the Deborah Knott and Sigrid Harald mysteries

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Publishers Weekly

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“English transplant Theophania “Theo” Bogart, the narrator of Cox’s delightful debut, runs a small business called Aromas in San Francisco with her new friend, Nicole. Theo has created a family of sorts with nearby residents and business owners, who share a community garden. Among them are a women-chasing doctor, Theo’s stiff-upper-lip grandfather, an abused teen, a garden designer, a blundering bookkeeper, an elderly man on a snail-killing rampage, and a mysterious, good-looking man who runs a women’s shelter—all well-developed characters, many with secrets and intriguing backstories. It’s clear from the get-go that Nicole is up to no good. When painter and petty thief Tim Callahan falls off a roof to his death, it appears to be a case of foul play. Another death follows and is likely related to Tim’s. A hearty dash of humor enlivens this complex, multilayered tale, which won Minotaur Books/Mystery Writers of America First Crime Novel Award.”

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Romantic Times 4-Star Review

“Mystery fans have another author to add to their favorite queues with the arrival of this beguiling debut novel. The book’s heart lies with the eclectic mix of characters and their tight-knit San Francisco neighborhood, which provide an engaging blend of cultures and tensions. The plot will keep more than just the characters guessing until the very end.”
–Romantic Times Book Reviews

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Carolyn Hart

“An exciting new author. A fast-paced page turner. Susan Cox’s debut novel will delight mystery aficionados.”

Carolyn Hart, MWA Grand Master, creator of Death on Demand, Bailey Ruth Raeburn and Henrie O. mysteries

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Peter Lovesey

“What a terrific debut! No wonder this is a winner. It has just what I enjoy most in a mystery – pace, punch and nonstop fun.”

Peter Lovesey, Crime Writers Association Lifetime Achievement Diamond Dagger Recipient, creator of Peter Diamond and Sgt. Cribb mysteries.

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